About Us

Venture Measurement

Venture Measurement is the parent company of the Bindicator®, Kistler-Morse® and Niagara Meters® brands. Located in Spartanburg, SC, we design, manufacture and supply world-class measurement equipment including level instruments, weigh sensors, and flow meters. Our products include point and continuous level indicators, diaphragm switches, level switches, inventory control systems, liquid level gauges, microcells, load stands and flow meters. Our measurement devices are used in industries like agriculture, sanitary food, plastic production, oil and gas production/distribution, pharmaceutical production, general chemical production, and electronics component manufacturing. Our products are available and distributed worldwide. In China, the Bindicator brand is known as ‘Bi Ce” ( 必测).

The Venture Measurement manufacturing facility meets the highest of standards with an ISO 9001 Registration and Kaizan events are a common activity for continuous improvement.


  • 1936: Moved to SC as Hersey Meters
  • 1998: Bindicator bought Hersey Meters and moved to our current location
  • 1998: Hersey Meters split into Aaliant and Niagara Meters flow meters
  • 2004: Purchased by Danaher Corporation and Kistler-Morse products, already owned by Danaher, was added to the company
  • 2012: Niagara Meters name used for all flow meters